2015 is #UnlockingSeason.. this is an unreleased freestyle..
its time to unleash it. Instrumental by Abstract Rude feat. Swollen Members


I don’t know what your thinking but I’m thinking more..
That’s not my darg… That’s any lil’ labrador
my dargs are down… they know what they’re living for
hold it down…be it now…
hold it down.. be in the now
let this moment be the moment
when the truth spills out
if it has to at least then there is no doubt
half the time they don’t know what I’m talking about
but they smile and they nod when they see me around
truth is they don’t see when I’m sort in it out,
they’re not there, when the spears and the horns come out
they make judgement – with what? like i don’t see how
hold it down…be it now…
hold it down.. be in the now
I seen pretty lil girls turn into dozy cows
too much skunk make a man not wanna leave his house
…when they try it with me, i tell em leave it out
I find it best, from the beginning to erase all doubt

Cards on the table… always unstable..
I let it out all out like I’m able.. I’m not
I talk to the source.. I talk to the angels…
My hearts overwhelmed with the things that I got


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