Another loop taken from one of Bonobo’s songs.. Hatoa.. it has 1324 plays in my itunes library.. Wanted to share it as I wrote this at a very low point in my life.. its to remind myself and others that change can happen and dark clouds do pass…. to return again.

Don’t take life too seriously but just be aware of the power that your mind has.

Please share, like and spread the song as you please. And watch this space for the new EP that drops this year alongside many interesting collabs.

Peace and love to everyone. X


I use the power of my mind
I see love in everybody’s eyes
I see it all the time
I know every things alright
Cus’ i’m guided by the signs
and they dont tend to lie
Even tho I feel surprised
Each and every single time
That i’m taken for a ride
Come ride in this fairground of life
Let them take you for a fool once – never twice,
Thats when u see where the truth resides
That little sparkle in somebody’s eyes
I watch the sunset, then I watch it rise
I’m here to level up, I’m already in heaven feels so nice
I think about the days spent worrying about the nights
Tell me what you see to be wrong or right
It can’t be coincidence its far too precise.. this life
Highlight the truth as I filter out the lies..
I’m living so I have to make it nice.. Won’t I?
I’m breathing so I have to keep pushing.. Don’t I..
Tryna make the wrongs right
Long nights lurking with the wrong types
I find it hard to explain but I just might..
Another habit in my brain, I’m a creature of the night
I’m a savage.. I’m insane
Pass me a mic let me vent out this pain..
Secret of life is hidden in the wave..
and you can’t even see em
But the stars guide you on your way
and Close your eyes and realise there not far away
I go to space every fuc%ing day
I close my eyes and I fly away.
I can hear what they’re saying but I’m miles away..
Inside my soul I see brighter daa-aaa-aaaaays.


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